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MLM Legal Cases - Jefferey Babener Case Project

Welcome to the Legal Cases Project.  Here you will find hundreds of legal cases in the fields of MLM, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing and Party Plan. The cases span federal and state courts as well as administrative cases from the FTC, FDA, IRS, SEC, worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation, etc.

Cases are organized and sorted by various federal appeals circuits and U.S. district courts, by specific state courts and by specific administrative agencies. In addition, cases are organized and sorted by specific subject matter, ranging from pyramid, business opportunities, sales referral, tax, trademark, etc. Each case is presented with a case summary which includes facts, legal issues, rulings, analysis and relevance to the MLM Direct Selling Network Marketing channel of distribution. The case summary is followed by the actual court or administrative decision.

The Case Project is a work in progress with continuous additions and updates of relevant cases. For a compilation of federal legislation, please visit and for a compilation of state legislation, please visit For profiles on hundreds of MLM Direct Selling Network Marketing Party Plan companies, please visit

The intent of the Cases Project is strictly educational, and, to provide insight into the legal issues and cases for an industry that spans the globe in upwards of 150 countries with sales volume exceeding $100 billion and distributor involvement in the tens of millions. MLMLegal.Com does not promote or endorse any company. MLMLegal.Com offers no value judgments, either pro or con, regarding the companies profiled in legal cases.

Jeffrey A. Babener, principal attorney in the Portland, Oregon, law firm Babener & Associates, and editor of, represents many of the leading direct selling companies in the United States and abroad.

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