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Founding Story
Pola was founded in 1929 by Shinobu Suzuki and is based in Shizuoka, Japan. Pola does business worldwide in a counseling based direct selling model. In 1960, Pola was established in the United States. Overall, Pola has been in business for over 75 years.  

In 1958, Pola began business overseas with the launch of Pola into Hong Kong. In 2005, the POLA THE BEAUTY campaign was launched with the goal of making POLA the premier brand in cosmetics counseling globally. POLA THE BEAUTY are premium esthetic spas and salons that represent the best the Company has to offer. The first store was opened in June of 2005 in Shanghai.    

A brief outline of the company's history includes:
Shinobu Suzuki establishes the company in Shizuoka Prefecture.

POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. is formed.

POLA Cosmetics, Inc. is launched.

The Shizuoka Plant is completed.

Expansion into Hong Kong is
(www.mlmlegal.com) the company's first venture into overseas markets.

The POLA Ginza Building is completed in Ginza, Tokyo.
POLA USA is established. Full-fledged overseas expansion begins.

The Yokohama Plant is completed and the mass production system is put into place.

The Yokohama R&D Center, offering all modern science resources, is completed.

POLA Thailand Inc. is established.

The POLA Gotanda Building is completed and POLA headquarters
offices are relocated.

POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture is established.

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The Fukuroi Plant is completed.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary,
POLA establishes the POLA Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Culture.

POLA makes major inroads into the health foods market
with nationwide sales of Saint Bijou.

POLA becomes major investor in Kayaku Co., Ltd.
and enters the pharmaceutical business.

With nationwide sales of the "APEX-i" personalized cosmetics line,
POLA's department store business commences.

The Totsuka R&D Center is established in Yokohama.

The 18th Congress of the International Federation of Societies of
Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) is held in (www.mlmlegal.com)Venice, Italy;
POLA wins the highest award.

The Health Science Research Center is established.

The POLA Art Foundation is established.
POLA wins a high award at the 19th IFSCC Congress held in Sydney, Australia.

The Shizuoka and Fukuroi Plants receive ISO 9002 certification.

New quasi-drug ingredient, Rucinol, for whitening is developed.
POLA wins the highest award at the 20th IFSCC Congress held in Cannes, France.
The Shizuoka and Fukuroi Plants receive ISO 9001 certification.

The Shizuoka and Fukuroi Plants receive ISO 14001 certification.
The corporate message, "Counseling first POLA" is announced.

New Business Announcement
The cofú business is launched.
The POLA Museum of Art opens at Sengokubara in Hakone.
The POLA Museum Annex opens in Ginza.

The Fukuroi Plant receives the Prime Minister's Award,
recognizing it as an Outstanding Green Plant.

"POLA THE BEAUTY" premium esthetic salons are launched worldwide.
POLA launches its "Lulicon Cream and Liquid" pharmaceutical product.

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The company has offices in the United States, including in Carlsbad, California and Hawaii.

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Impact on the Industry
Pola sells mostly to women and emphasizes keeping customers beautiful. In June of 2004, Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi honored the POLA Fukuroi Plant with the Prime Minister Award for promoting the environmental (www.mlmlegal.com) awareness within the community.

Pola has been a member of the Direct Selling Association since 1973. Pola has been ranked number one within the cosmetic industry for sales in Japan.

Discussion of Products
Pola was honored at the biannual conference for the International Federation of the Societies of Cosmetics Chemists (IFSCC) in 1994, 1996, and 1998 for their researched, patented ingredients, theories, and development of company's products.

Pola has a best-selling line of skincare products that include a skin care analysis, 4 Step Skincare, and Esthe Care. The skin care analysis includes a personal consultation system based on over seven million skin test results with renowned technology, a certified Skin Analysis Advisor from the company that will personally serve your current skin conditions and unlock the reasons behind your skin concerns, and by providing recommendations and skincare tips that will help you achieve healthier skin.

The Special Care product line includes Signs Solution Cream, BA lotion, and Wrinkle Shot cream. Pola also has a line of Make-Up Care products that include everything from eye shadows to sun protections products. In the Body Care product line, Pola includes lotions and creams called Feel & Heal. Other product lines include Hair Care, Gifts, Men's Care, and Health Foods.

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Some International Product Brands of the company include traditional Japanese attention to product quality and technological advances that are appreciated globally.

Discussion of Opportunity
The company offers the following reasons to join the company:

Opportunity to work with Award Winning skincare and cosmetics renowned for their high quality and effectiveness.

Minimum order requirements including minimum initial investment from
(www.mlmlegal.com) $299.00 (US $278.51)+
Fast Delivery

Excellent Profit Margin plus further incentives including monthly promotions and specials

Flexibility to sell the POLA products of your choice

  • On-going training and support

  • Invitations  to special events

  • Merchandising support

  • Log-in access for fast easy ordering

  • Special  offers

  • Assurance of being part of a successful, well-established and award winning company

 For additional information, one must contact the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Pola employs over 400 research scientists that work to develop high quality skincare and cosmetics products. The company employs over 2,000 employees both in Japan and overseas. Pola is one of the ten largest cosmetic companies in the world. It (www.mlmlegal.com) has hundreds of thousands of professional beauty consultants.

Pola has offices around the world that include Europe, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, New York, Toronto, Hawaii, Taiwan, and New Zealand. Pola states that it is one of 10 largest cosmetic companies in the world with over 175,000+ professional beauty consultants. 

In 2011, Direct Selling News reported that Pola achieved in excess of $100 million in global wholesale revenue.

Company website: https://pola.co.jp/en/company/business/


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