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By George Madiou
©  2009

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What if we brought together the coaches, authors, trainers and great leaders and formed a mastermind group like Napoleon Hill talked about?  Well, it has happened ...

Government bail out? Government bail out? We donít need any government bail out! We are a part of the Network Marketing industry. My network marketing business has the capability of far exceeding any government bail out program that could ever be concocted, for the financial well being of me and my family and it is totally in my control. This is the message that I am hearing from serious networkers over and over again. I have been giving financial freedom a lot of thought and I have pondered how I can be a part of the solution. I thought of all of the great networkers and leaders that I know, and the 200 great contributors that share their wisdom in

I know during economic downturns that network marketing always flourishes.  I also know that those that engage and get into action tend to succeed and can succeed in a very big way.

I remember hearing that in the 1930ís, during the great Depression, more millionaires were created than any single time in history. Iím not making a comment of what stage in the economy the world is in today, Iím just realizing that if that many millionaires could be created during an era that didnít have the network marketing opportunity, how many people could at least support their families at a level that would create comfort and dignity to families that engage in their own network marketing business.

Napoleon Hill wrote in his classic Think and Grow Rich, about the power of Master Mind Groups. I have met many great network marketing leaders in many companies. If you are fortunate to have one of these leaders as your upline or mentors, count yourself fortunate. It is so critical to learn from people who have already done it and succeeded. It is better and faster for your success to follow and learn from people who know rather that taking a stab at it with little or no knowledge of how to build a growing and sustainable business on your own.

In 4 years of running, I have observed most of the networkers I come across are what I would refer to as orphans. These networkers are not fortunate enough to have a successful upline that can tuck them under their wing and help them succeed in building a great business. These orphans need to find someone who can help. Over the last 4 years, I have watched networkers be tucked under the wing of some great contributors of the magazine, 200 people who have touched the lives of many people. We are especially fortunate to have 30 or 40 of these contributors as core teachers that have been the back bone of our faculty. I started to explore the thought, what if we brought together the coaches, authors, trainers and great leaders and formed a mastermind group like Napoleon Hill talked about. How would that affect the networker who really wanted to make his or her business really work? What would happen if we turned into the largest network marketing community in the world?

What happens when all of the best minds pull in the same direction to make the network marketing industry the solution to the world wide economic problem?

I started to call many of my friends and I wasnít surprised about the excitement of so many people who want to be a part of the largest network marketing community in the world.

So how does this all affect you? First I believe in this community so much I put my money where my mouth is.

  • will be the gathering place for the largest network marketing community in the world.
  • We will offer the finest coaching from the top experts in the industry, through our feature Coached To Success
  • We will offer hundreds of articles and hundreds of hours of attached mp3 audios on dozens of subjects for you to learn from.
  • We will deliver this through a search function by subject for you to easily find.
  • We will give you your own profile page and ability to blog so you can gather with others to mastermind.
  • We will have a Success Store where you can get products and programs for you to grow your business.
  • This will be an interactive and multimedia community.
  • And much much more!

Who can be a part of this community? Everyone who wants to succeed in their network marketing business.

Iím proud and excited to be a part of helping our industry help a million people by the end of 2009. Wouldnít you join with us and become a member of the largest community and mastermind group in network marketing in the world. Please join our growing social networking community at

Aim high!

George Madiou
Publisher and Co-founder


George Madiou, of Boca Raton, Florida, is publisher and editor of, one of the most expansive and frequented social networking and educational sites on the web. Tens of thousands of network marketing distributors make this a home for exchange of information, networking, training and recruitment advice. Although George has an extensive business background and interest in many businesses, his passion has been igniting the dialogue at this robust website.

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