Who Should You Consult Before Joining a MLM Company?

Due some due diligence before joining a MLM company.It is not required that you consult with any particular person prior to joining a network marketing company. However, it is a good idea to perform some due diligence. Check to see if the company has a good reputation online. Do a search to see if there is generally a good buzz surrounding the company and its operations. You can also check the DSA’s website to see if the company is a member. If the company is a member of the DSA then it abides by a code of ethics that are ethical industry wide.

Other to do items: Talk to others in the business. Talk to customers. Do a Google and Google News search. Do an online blog search. Watch YouTube videos. Look to websites such as www.mlmlegal.com that profile companies. Attend a businesspresentation. Do an internet search for review of the quality of the products.

Bottom line: Approach this decision as you would any other important decision, and do it with common sense.

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