Should I Launch my MLM Business Locally or Nationally?

Companies often come to us and ask, “Should we launch locally or go national immediately?” Sometimes, your product may limit what you can do. For instance, if you are going to be offering a discount buying service – unless you have entered into private label backup agreements – you may have to create footprints in your local area with vendors in order to serve your customers. However, most companies do not offer discount buying services. Most companies are selling products or services that lend themselves to be provided nationally. When we finish our work for companies, they are ready to do business throughout the country. This is the best route to take because when a distributor signs up in Los Angeles, and has a brother in Boston, who has a college classmate in Seattle, who has a cousin in Dallas, you may have a network spanning the country within two days. If you aren’t open nationally then you are depriving yourself of some great opportunities.

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