MLM Companies and Charitable Causes

Distributors join MLM companies for many reasons. What keeps them with the company are obviously good products and fair compensation. But, those two items are a given; distributors also stick with companies because they bond with the character of the owners, the leaders and the mission of the company.

Character can be found in the attitude an MLM company has toward the “bigger community.” For this reason, companies that advance charitable causes larger than themselves, such as by combating hunger, fighting disease, educating the world, raising the self worth of those who are less fortunate, etc. create reasons for participating in a network marketing company that transcends mere money.

These are companies that care, not just for themselves, but for a “better world.” Distributors like associating with this sort of person and company. Direct selling is an industry where character counts. And so, pay attention to companies that care. It is a good sign.

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Or, view the video titled Why Do Distributors stay with MLM Companies? is a great source for education videos on the direct selling industry.

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