Does Celebrity Involvement Spell Success for an MLM Company?

It is not mere celebrity association that determines success for an MLM company. Too often celebrities with branded names are merely cashing in on their celebrity status. They have no real interest in the product(s) or lives of the distributors. These celebrities come and go and MLM companies that use them may spike up, but soon spike right back down.

Beware of the celebrity that is not bonded with the product and the mission of the network marketing company. On the other hand, there are athletic users of company products, medical advisors who sincerely believe in the effectiveness of the product and even non-expert celebrities who are passionate about using the product. These are worthwhile opportunities with which to associate. With some common sense, the distinction between sincere celebrities and “money” celebrities is not that hard to distinguish.

For more information on endorsements and testimonials, read the article “FTC Guidelines on Endorsements and Testimonials Analysis.

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