NETWORK MARKETING/MLM consultant practice tips. NETWORK MARKETING/MLM International Expansion requires coordination of NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Legal, NETWORK MARKETING/MLM tax, NETWORK MARKETING/MLM consulting and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Software Technology.   A myriad of factors from product entry to shipping to customs to NETWORK MARKETING/MLM regulatory compliance must be addressed.   NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Legal and NETWORK MARKETING/ and Babener and Associates provides expert NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Consultant and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Consulting advise on NETWORK MARKETING/MLM corporate, NETWORK MARKETING/MLM software, NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Compensation, NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Taxes, etc. NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Consulting is an important component for NETWORK MARKETING/MLM startup.  Careful Choice of NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Software is another component of NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Corporate.  An NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Consultant and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Law and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Legal is part of the NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Startup Team.  NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Compensation must be reviewed by an NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Consulting standpoint by an NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Consultant and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Legal and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Law professional and programmed by a NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Software and NETWORK MARKETING/MLM Technology provider.

By Jeffrey A. Babener
Excerpted from Network Marketing: What You Should Know, Jeffrey Babener, Legaline Publications
DIRECT SALES consultant practice tips. DIRECT SALES distributor retention may be as important to the long term stability of the DIRECT SALES business as DIRECT SALES Recruitment.   DIRECT SALES Consultant specialists in the field of DIRECT SALES retention will assist in raising retention levels.    DIRECT SALES Legal and and Babener and Associates provides expert DIRECT SALES Consultant and DIRECT SALES Consulting advise on DIRECT SALES corporate, DIRECT SALES software, DIRECT SALES Compensation, DIRECT SALES Taxes, etc. DIRECT SALES Consulting is an important component for DIRECT SALES startup.  Careful Choice of DIRECT SALES Software is another component of DIRECT SALES Corporate.  An DIRECT SALES Consultant and DIRECT SALES Law and DIRECT SALES Legal is part of the DIRECT SALES Startup Team.  DIRECT SALES Compensation must be reviewed by an DIRECT SALES Consulting standpoint by an DIRECT SALES Consultant and DIRECT SALES Legal and DIRECT SALES Law professional and programmed by a DIRECT SALES Software and DIRECT SALES Technology provider.

Cycle 8.   The 1990's   - The Positive Decade: MLM Goes Services; MLM Goes Corporate; MLM Goes Global Seamlessly

The Network Marketing Industry reached maturity and respect in the 1990's. For individuals who continued to start home-based businesses and entrepreneurial ventures at a record pace, this industry continued to be in tune with the times. It was no longer just a woman's business, but instead, the ratios of men to women in networking began to even out.   Industry participation boomed and, by the end of the 1990's, more than 10 million Americans were involved in a $20 billion industry and more than 30 million worldwide had achieved more than $80 billion in annual sales.

For many corporations who observed some of the 1980's successes of this alternative channel of distribution, a number of conclusions were reached.

•  It was a great way to introduce brand new products.

•  It seemed to work well for products that needed demonstration or testimonial.

•  It was a great way to reward the consumer for sharing excitement about products.

•  This method could result in rapid penetration of the market.

•  In that commissions were only paid on the movement of product, and massive and costly advertising campaigns could be avoided, it seemed efficient and economical.

As a result, corporate America bet on this channel with varying levels of partnerships for distribution of their products and services: Avon-Mattel; Tupperware-Disney; Amway-Rubbermaid; Shaklee-AT&T;Dupont/-ConAgra-Legacy;   Worldbook-IBM.

Corporate America validated the successes of the industry both at home and abroad by embracing public offerings on Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.   Excel Telecommunications, Amway Pacific, and NuSkin all successfully launched initial public stock offerings on major exchanges.

Corporate services and technology companies fell in love with the industry as it broadened its line to promote services as well as consumer products.   Everyone came to the table looking for an additional channel of distribution: telecom, pagers, Internet, satellite TV.   Financial services, travel services and consumer benefit services joined the parade. By the end of the 1990's, even deregulated energy was offered through network marketing companies.

Global expansion was the name of the game in the 1990's.   Amway and NuSkin had singular successes in Japan, which proved to be an equal in opportunity to the U.S.   NuSkin pioneered the global seamless sponsoring concept in which distributors could sponsor and be rewarded on a worldwide basis.   For many of the largest networking companies, sales outside the U.S. proved to be the majority of worldwide sales for mature companies.   The Internet, global communication and satellite TV provided the tools for global expansion.   And the direction was not one way.   Foreign-based networking companies set up shop in the U.S.   In fact, one of the major success stories of the 1990's health products giant Nikken came to the U.S. from Fukuoka, Japan at the beginning of the decade with virtually no base.   Under the U.S. leadership of Tom Watanabe, Nikken posted annual sales in the hundreds of millions by the end of the decade, and established California as its base for worldwide expansion for the new millennium.

Finally, the 1990's was the decade that the tide turned for the press.   In the 1980's, the press gave recognition to the MLM industry, but it was often negative.   Stories had names like "The mess called multilevel marketing" or   "Here comes the scam artists."   Some of the adverse press was well deserved, but there was a piling on syndrome.   In the 1990's, corporate America discovered the MLM channel and so did male-educated America, and quickly followed the press with coverage of these trends.   Positive stories appeared from the likes of the Wall Street Journal to Inc. magazine.   Articles continued, rightfully, to emphasize common sense and caution before jumping in, but they also emphasized the positive opportunities being embraced by millions of Americans.   Newsstand business magazines such as Success, Entrepreneur, Wealth Building, Business Startups, Home Office Computing touched on the positive.   With a positive spin, the industry was finally a player in the business world.  

MLM consultant practice tips. Every MLM company should establish an MLM distributor relations and MLM compliance department.   Success in the MLM field is dependent on continuous MLM Support and MLM Communications relationship that demonstrates ongoing support in MLM Marketing issues and is clear on guidelines for compliance with MLM Business and MLM Law issues. MLM Legal and and Babener and Associates provides expert MLM Consultant and MLM Consulting advise on MLM corporate, MLM software, MLM Compensation, MLM Taxes, etc. MLM Consulting is an important component for MLM startup.  Careful Choice of MLM Software is another component of MLM Corporate.  An MLM Consultant and MLM Law and MLM Legal is part of the MLM Startup Team.  MLM Compensation must be reviewed by an MLM Consulting standpoint by an MLM Consultant and MLM Legal and MLM Law professional and programmed by a MLM Software and MLM Technology provider.

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